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dear friends,
you're invited to visit our exhibition at Alun - Alun Indonesia.

The following list is the name of 15 designers who participated in our event.
1. Abie Abdillah
2. Afini Dwinastary
3. Agustinus Hutabarat & Khrisnani Oetari Warroka
4. Angie Parameswari, Dayu Fatsy Asyari, Ruslan Hanafi
5. Ariani Kuntari, Indra Hadiansyah, Yunus Adhimukti
6. Aurora Rintya Ayuningrum, Raka Gemma Maulid Randy, Kartika Chandra Nurmala
7. Esa Anggita S, Ivan Christianto, Iqra Firdausy, Mitra Tobing
8. Fitri Vidyawati
9. Mohhamad Lutfie
10. Novita Napitupulu
11. Ranggi Achdiat & Randy Permana Dahlan
12. Saskia Pratiwi
13. Sofwan Softwo
14. Theodora Janenita
15. Tri Pratiwi Handayani



Hello There! My Name Is Angie Parameswari

Hello There! My Name Is Angie Parameswari
Ananda Parameswari as known as Angie Parameswari was born on February 21, 1986 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. parents Ir. Umar Faruk and his wife, Rd. Rini Irani Goemira,S.Psi. She has a sisters named Indrani Paramita, S.Si and Meisara Lingga Artharani, S.Sos, MM. Her family lived in Bandung, West Java. Its always been her passion to share her vision and ideas to give the best design solution for everyone who needed. she believes that good design can save the world. She also concerns to the culture of Indonesia. She loves Batik, she studied Javanese Dance (Jaipong Dance, Merak Dance, Serimpi Dance) and Balinese Dance (Legong dance), and won a several trophy for national traditional dance competition when she was a little.

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